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Back Panel
The Versatile Tactical Vest features a MOLLE integrated system on the back side allowing the wearer to attach additional pouches furthering its versatility. A Velcro strip is also included allowing for the customization of patches as well as a drag handle for emergency use.
Interior Panel
The interior features 3 additional, concealed storage compartments. These compartments can be used to store documents or additional gear. The back side interior slot works great with a hydration bladder or a ballistic plate.
Quality Materials
High quality fabric ensures resistance to wear and resistance to water. The mesh platform keeps the vest ventilated ensuring resistance to sweat in the heat. High quality buckles come together with a satisfying click and won't snap upon long use.
Achieving The Optimal Fit
The Versatile Tactical Vest will adjust up to about 48" around the torso (fits S - 2XL shirt sizes). To adjust, simply detach the belt from the vest using the straps holding them together. Put the vest on and adjust the side straps for optimal fit. Next, adjust the belt using its velcro to fit your waist. Reattach the Versatile Tactical Vest to the belt and it will fit perfectly.
What's Included?
  • Holster With Pistol Mag Pouch
  • Shotgun Shell Holder
  • Triple Pistol Magazine Pouch
  • 2 Single Pistol Mag Pouches
  • Radio Pouch
  • Pouch For Loose Ammo
  • 4 Total AR Magazine Pouches
  • Adjustable Heavy Duty Belt
  • Shoulder Shooting Panel
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Awesome fit, Awesome looks and Awesome price..
"It functions great. The compartments open and close for a tight well fit on all my accessories. Glock 19 fit perfect, mags for the gun the same. A nice secure fit. You could shake it upside down and nothing came out. Confidence in your equipment keeps you concentrated on your objective. Very pleased."
Awesome vest!
"Wow this is a great tactical vest plenty of pockets and Velcro. Made with very heavy duty material. Very adjustable and fits nicely when loaded down with items. The only thing, if you use Ar extended 40 round mags they do fit in the ammo pockets but you can't close the Velcro top straps but you can put them in the internal pockets with ease. Or you can get the extended pouches from 5.11 and add them to the vest. But overall an awesome vest."
My vet loves his vest
"I just got this for my husband and he loves it. He is 6'1 at 225+ lbs with very broad shoulders and a gut. It fits him very nicely after I adjusted the straps for him. There is enough room for all his magazines, and gear. This is an awesome vest. I may order an extra one for him secretly and keep it In storage."